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Jan 2016

Planning for a great year;

Many fiber shows are being prepared for with interesting fiber creations available for sale.

Check them out at;

We will be offering many animals through the alpaca auctions as well as normal marketing; If you see something you like, Let us know.

Have a great and Blessed day.

Mile High Carlton Ritz; Luxury in Motion
Mile High Victoria Secret and Sister Ambrielle showing their favorite color is purple

Ebony, Sable & Galelio


Welcome to the Chimera Ranch Website. Chimera Ranch is headquartered in Bennett Co;

We are Sandra and Norm Johnson and Chimera Ranch is our DREAM in the making. For several years we have contemplated ways of being able to make an investment in ourselves that would allow us to migrate out of corporate america and into the world of owning our own business.

Our research of many opportunities, lead us to the Alpaca industry and the great opportunities that abound with the animals and the luxury fleece. This research and the supporting information has provided us the confidence on which we have created Chimera Ranch in May 2009. This unique business opportunity is taking us one step closer to having our dream answered.

In the spring of 2010, we were awarded the Futurity Small Breeder of the Year - Reserve Champion for Huacaya Breeders. This was an overwhelming honor for us and a clear indication that we were making sound and wise investments in our foundation animals that were also our show animals for 2010. Now to look forward to their progeny.

We are overwhelmed with the amount of support that exists in the Alpaca Community. All that we have spoken to have recommended to buy the best females and to breed them to the best males you can find. We have done our best to follow these simple instructions and are grateful to all that have helped us begin this new journey and lifestyle.

Chimera Ranch is committed to learning as much as it can in regard to the alpaca industry: showing, breeding, marketing, shearing, the fiber industry and to give back to the community by volunteering our time to advance the alpaca industry. We are also committed to share our education and experiences to help others create and advance their alpaca business ventures.

We are continually adding new animals and more information pages. We invite you to check back often, as we intend to start leveraging blogs and may even try our hand at some articles.

Send us an e-mail when ever you wish. We love hearing from everyone. Find us on Facebook (Norm Johnson)

We want everyone to be involved in Alpaca ownership, so we will work to tailor financing that is a win/win proposition for everyone.